Guaca - Mole

The Guacamole, is one of the most traditional dishes of Mexican cuisine, is made with avocado and for all those who have tried it they know that it is inevitable in any Mexican party that boasts of being it.

Guaca-Mole, born with the warmth and enthusiasm of a family business that with work, creativity, effort and dedication, with the goal of creating a unique flavor, which can be enjoyed and is in the heart of our customers.

Guaca-Mole is currently in an expansion process and its products are sold throughout the Florida region.

Tex - Mex

Mexican food in the United States is what Indian food is for the British, a delicious cuisine fully incorporated into the local culinary culture. It is also important to note that what they call Mexican food in the United States is not really Mexican, but Tex-Mex food, a mixture of Mexican, Texan food and the cuisine of the Southwestern United States.

With a traditional and sober style, but at the same time fun, our flavors are characterized by being special, high quality and traditional, made with the best ingredients.